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Exciting, fun and fact-packed Mr Dilly's World of History shows inspire, educate and entertain, giving all an experience to remember!


Perfectly balanced to ensure an understanding of historical events and their importance is gained, Mr Dilly's shows bring history to life before your very eyes!


Bursting with humour and energy, Mr Dilly's shows are a  fantastically fun theatre experience and a great way to get audiences excited about history! Book now!

The Vikings Show - Let's Go Beserk!

The Explorers Show - To Infinity and Beyond! 

World War 2 Show - Blitzes and Peaces

The Early Britons Stone Age Show - We Will Rock You! 

The Ancient Greeks Show - It's all Greek to me!

World War 1 Show - We Will Remember Them

Knights and Castles Show - Swords at the Ready!

"Absolutely fabulous!" The D-Day Story Museum

"Enormously talented" The Salariya Book Company

World War 2 Show - Super Spies of D-Day

"Very impressive" Wellington Collge, Shanghai

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The VE Day 75 Show commemorates VE Day and the events leading up to it; from the declaration of war, to the Blitz, to the D Day Landings. Meet some of the every day people who performed heroic duties and helped lead the country to victory! See the courage, resilience and bravery shown by all, why VE Day was such a momentous occasion and why 75 years later we must all commemorate it.  

Supporting activity pack available here.


As featured on BBC Radio Sussex, Surrey and Berkshire

A glimpse into the world of the Ancient Greeks as you've never seen it before!